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We are two native English people, and have lived in Bielsko-Biała for over 10 years. We both lived in the UK until we moved here, and only spoke English!

We offer live, face to face help with all parts of understanding Technical English; as it is used for Business, Engineering, Science, and Technology – From Scriptwriting to Proofreading. Hence B.E.S.T. S.T.E.P. We can help you with speaking, hearing, reading and writing, for any technical purpose.

Our role is simple: To help you with “Technical” English, when you are trying to understand and communicate using specialist English. Whatever you are trying to say, read, hear or write. We can coach, mentor or just chat about the use of specialist terms in Legal, Scientific, Marketing, or Engineering. This differentiates us from other language schools who mostly offer only “textbook” English. We do not want to compete in their overcrowded marketplace.

We can also help you build confidence in everyday conversation, as used by English people, magazines, newspapers and radio. Professional or the colloquial version. We can also help with regional and international variations that you may meet: U.S or English English - Notice we used "specialized" (with a Z) in the title ? “Colour or color”? “Colonise or Colonize”. Or even : “by eck, tha’s scrubbed oop reet well”, or “appen so”, or “thee bist” (ask us for a translation!). Google can help you with these -but you may have difficulty understanding the help! If needed, we have access to people who are "Sworn Translators", Professors of Business, Science and Technology, Professional Engineers etc. Do you know which is best for your purpose? So. whether “bog standard”, or with all the “bells and whistles”, we can help!

In summary: We do not offer qualifications, but will help you to understand and create better English, when the problems are with technical details. For example, “Submission Guidelines” are often difficult to understand -sometimes for us too!

Contacting Us

Contact us initially at : Info@beststep.pl

We will give you a phone number or other details once we agree to help you.

Prices are negotiable, and clearly depend on the complexity and size of the task, whether it be just conversation or coaching, or complex editing and proofreading. Tell us what you need, possibly send us a document, and we will discuss it and quote you a price.

Use email first to make contact, if you think your English is too poor, try us in Polish (slowly!) BTW: (We use Google translate a lot too – its usually “not quite right” and often funny)!

Our home office base: 43-382 Bielsko-Biała, Tadeusza 8

Our identification:
KRS: 0000860799
REGON: 387070495
NIP: 5472220875
Kapitał Zakładowy: 5.000,00 zł