Who we are

Vicky and Chris Whitworth are long time residents in Poland, but we are both “native” English speakers from the UK. We both worked in Yorkshire for over 30 years, but Chris began life in London. We married in Bielsko-Biała, Southern Poland, 5 years ago. We have an office and teaching room in Wapienica, and access to other facilities as required. We have access to Windows software, and are experts in using Linux. We both have science and engineering backgrounds. The next pages are a brief introduction to what we offer. Full, English style C.V;s, including our hobbies and interests are available on request (And, if you need help with an English CV, that is also one of our skills)


Chris acts as business consultant and technical support. His background includes Electronics, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Biological Research, Environmental and Chemical Engineering and Business Consultancy. He has worked in a Biological Research Association, the Electronics industry and the UK Water Industry. Over 27 years he went from workshop technician in a chemistry lab, to managing R&D (Research and Development) projects with multi-million pound budgets, and setting International Measurement Standards. He then moved into teaching Strategy, Human Resources Management and Marketing, mostly in UK Universities. He has authored academic papers and a Research Monograph on Social Enterprise.


Vicky is from Yorkshire, in the North of the UK. She is leading the business. Her background includes Medical Science and Patient Care, Engineering (including house and car maintenance and restoration), Environmental Science, Textile Art, and Music. She has worked in Proofreading and Editing, Business Development, Medical Physics (Yorkshire Hospitals) , The UK Water Industry, The UK National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Polish Language Schools, Child Education and other areas. She has played the flute in orchestra's and still plays for pleasure.