Our Areas of Expertise

We offer you support in understanding, talking about, editing, proofreading and configuring English documents and presentations, in the following technical areas

Academic Work:

English papers and books, Dissertations, Conference Papers and Presentations, Teaching Materials and other University work. (Chris and his colleague also recently wrote a book on Social Enterprise, edited and proofread by Vicky: People in Social Organisations and Enterprises. Christopher Whitworth, Zbigniew Zontek. 2018. You can also search for "Whitworth and Zontek: on Google (ideally Google Scholar), where you will find other papers by Chris and his colleaugue. The later (and better edited) are sorted by Vicky!ISBN 978-1-387-56384-5).


Annual Reports, Promotional Literature, Briefing Documents, Presentations, Supply Chain Documents, Websites or other text or oral work, in English,. We often see funny/ unusual /incorrect/obscene and unintentional uses of English. (Ask for explanations but not names!):


Civil, electronic, mechanical, chemical, production, documentation, handbooks, circuit diagrams, layout plans, assembly instructions, as long as they are in some form of English. Chris has designed and built numerous electronic devices including audio and visual equipment for concerts, presentations and radio. Vicky can service cars and motorcycles, create assemblies from manuals and other engineering tasks.

Science and Technology:

Medical Projects, Reports, Designs, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Environmental Science and Ecology, optics, electronics, audio science, mechanics, nuclear science, software, hardware, control engineering (SCADA, PLC etc),music etc. As long as it is in some form of English, we can make it much better!